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Black Booty Pose of Two VIP Bottle Girls

Big booty duo of black women in a nightclub.

Truth be known, I forgot all about this booty pic. Yet, one day, I was uploading other nightclub photos to Facebook. That’s when I found it.

Many times, I used to drink too much. This caused me to forget how some photos were taken. Yet, I do remember the story behind this particular photo.

The booty on the left thought up this booty pic. In the past months, I had photographed the young lady several times before this pic. Some were solo portrait shots. Other pics involved her posing with other bottle girls.

(For the record, I’m using the word “girls” for SEO purposes.)

On this night, I photographed two frontal shots of these two bottle girls together. Then, the bottle girl on the left encouraged the other bottle girl to turn around. Smiling, the other bottle girl did just that. Notice the sexy angle in the booty pose.

This pic wound up being the cover for my photo and poetry book Nightclub Womenz.

Two big booty black women in a nightclub.

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