Booty, Ebony/Black Women, Nightclub Womenz

Big Booty, Black Bottle Lady

Smiling and sitting in an Orlando nightclub's VIP. Also, dressed in black.

This is another pic I posted before. I described her as “ebony” instead of “black”. I did this with other Black women I posted in the past.

I don’t like the word “ebony”, anymore. At least, not when I describe my Black women pics. “Ebony” sounds like a white dude looking for Black porn. This ain’t a porn site.

This pic is actually a crop. I didn’t like how the rest of it looked. It was a shitty group shot containing other bottle girls. Some of the bottle girls were holding LED batons. I didn’t like how the batons looked in the pic. So, instead, I cropped around the big booty cutie.

I photographed her many times before. I don’t know if she had any modeling experience. Yet, she knew how to pose in front of a camera. Besides that pretty smile, that’s why I always enjoyed photographing her.

For the horoscope folks, she’s a Scorpio.

This pic is in the photo book Nightclub Womenz.

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