Contributing Facebook Photos to the Community

For those that don’t know, I was once a nightclub photographer.  My main job was photographing patrons.  After editing pics, I would email them to a nightclub employee.  That person uploaded the pics to the nightclub’s website. Yet, too many times, the pics were never uploaded.

I never knew why that took place. This also occurred under two and three other different uploaders too.

Other times, when pics were uploaded, a person still may not see themselves. Yet, that didn’t just happen with nightclubs. It also happened when I photographed events for a local publication.

Pickiness I did understand.  Many times, you want to upload the photos that best represents your place or event. So, this explains why all photos are not uploaded. When it comes to representing a place or event, some photos do not fit.

Thinking about people not seeing their pics inspired me.  For the past few months, I have been uploading event and nightclub photos to Facebook. If someone uploads a photo of you, Facebook alerts you about it. I anticipated this as I uploaded photos. I was hoping Facebook would let folks know I uploaded a photo or photos of them.

So far, that’s been working.   Every day, I receive a request for someone to tag themselves in a photo.  Some folks tag their friends. I didn’t expect that. Still, I am happy for it.  As of this writing, I have only received one request to remove a pic.

I saw my actions as a way of contributing to the community, especially during these pandemic times.  Am I looking for praise? Not really. In fact, this blog post is an explanation to Facebook friends.  Now, they know why I’ve been uploading so many photos recently.  This wasn’t about me. This was about the community.

About Patrick Scott Barnes

Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, the now sober blogger guzzles Diet Coke in Central Florida nightspots.
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3 Responses to Contributing Facebook Photos to the Community

  1. Tom says:

    You keep running your mouth you big dummy.
    You are a lazy, no good, do nothing poser and loser.
    What have you EVER done to better you own life?
    What have you EVER done to contribute to society?

    You want want want and cant even keep an entree level job without getting fired.

    How does it feel to be a grown man that has been a complete and total failure your entire life.

    You keep talking about how white people are the problem lol
    Why don’t you start your own business and hire black people and pay they well?

    I have never met anybody that said they want to move to a black neighborhood.
    Quite the opposite.

    You are a failure to every employer that ever hired you.
    You failed the nightclubs that gave you a chance to work as a freeloading photographer.
    You complain and whine about white people and how they have it better than you.

    Your poor choices and decisions led you to a life of poop.

    Hi my name is patrick and I get fired from every job I have ever had so this is the white mans fault.
    I have been a failure my entire life and this is the white mans fault.

    LOL loser

    While you do nothing today like everyday I will be swimming in my big swimming pool in my nice neighborhood where I will plan out my day for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

    Complaining and blaming isn’t on my menu.

    Lazy, dumb, uneducated, race baiting loser that keeps getting fired and evicted.

    Hard working, bright, educated, business owner and home owner that keeps moving up and laughs at idiots like you. By the way I employ more that 40 full time employees and pay them above average pay.

    PS I am half your age.
    What does this tell you?

    How many jobs have you created?
    NONE you dipshit failure.

    You are a laughing stock and are not to be taken seriously.


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