Five Days to Move Out!

No, this ain’t my house!

Boy, did I wind up in the shithole. Some of it is my own damned fault. So, here it goes.

I move to Orlando’s College Park. I found me a room for six hundred bucks a month, utilities included.

Yet, before that, I was living in a friend’s spot for three nights. One night was spent on their sofa. The last two nights was spent sleeping on an air mattress on their floor.

How did this happen? I was evicted from my late mother’s foreclosed home.

So, I found a spot in College Park. I had the money. Yet, that money eventually ran out. During that time, I had been searching for jobs. Nothing. Not a damned thing turned up.

Housemates may have had the impression that I was sleeping all day and not job searching.  I can see that.  Still, most places I found wanted you to fill out applications online.  So, my “pounding the pavement” happened in my room and on my laptop.

As for me not finding a job, my past might have something to do with it. I’ve been fired three times from jobs.  Also, there’s a huge gap between my last employment and my current unemployment.  I blame myself for that. All those years working under the table has caught up with me. Also, in two of those cases of me being fired I was asking for it.

Also, I had been living a lie. Folks thought I was making my living as a photographer.  I even had my landlord/roommate thinking this too.  Actually, I was living off money my late mother left me, money I didn’t want to spend up.

Then, just when I had an employment tip, my car broke down…for good.  If I tried fixing that thing, I’d soon have another car problem on my hands.

So, eventually, my money ran out. So, what does this means? This means not being able to pay the rent for the last three months. This means either choosing between buying food or buying medication. This means trying to gain money to keep your phone on.  This also means a Facebook message saying I have five days to move out.

Even if I did have the money for rent, looks like I still might have to move out.  I now have to present a pay stub. This has something to do with the landlord/roommate and the mortgage company.

For real, I didn’t like the idea of other folks paying rent when  I wasn’t. I didn’t like seeing them going to work as I was staying home. I tried making things work. Yet, I couldn’t find a solution. Again, my job searches happened online.

As much as I talk about my bad situations, I still have to own up to my own contributions. Like I said earlier, I had been fired three times over the years. Once in 1991. Another in 2008. The last was in 2017. Yet, that was a contractor thing. So, that might not count.

I usually keep my problems to myself. Folks have their own shit to deal with.  Then when folks do ask me how things are, I usually lie and say they’re going well. I don’t like depressing people.

Let’s see. Unemployed. No meds. No car. Also, I got five days to move.

I’m not expecting people to take on my bad luck. I’m just writing this to vent.  Usually, I find ways to fix problems like this. Best thing to do now is keep my head up.

Pic by Darla Brown.

About Patrick Scott Barnes

Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, the now sober blogger guzzles Diet Coke in Central Florida nightspots.
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7 Responses to Five Days to Move Out!

  1. Pamela braun says:

    Omg Patrick that’s a huge plate full. I feel powerless to help but I also can identify with the difficulty in the job search and honesty that’s where your solution begins let me know what kind of jobs your looking for and I will keep in touch


  2. I wish you good luck in finding a solution regarding your issues.


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