Weed Smokers Have Higher Sperm Counts, Says Harvard Study

For the record, I don’t smoke weed. Ganja makes me paranoid. The closest I get to smoking marijuana is listening to Cypress Hill music.

Yet, as I approach age 50, spending time with Mary Jane might be a good idea. As men age, sperm count lowers.

Recently, a Harvard study showed men who smoked weed at some point during their lives had a higher sperm count than dudes who never puff-puffed and passed a doobie before. The study also showed there were no sperm count difference between former weed smokers and current weed smokers. Another thing, higher weed smoking was found associated with high testosterone.

Now, don’t get this twisted. Too much weed smoking will sure enough cause negative effects on your reproductive health. Also, because they don’t want to get busted or fired from their jobs, some dudes in the study may have been lying about their weed usage. In other words, saying they no longer partake in the ganja when they still do

Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t smoke weed. The little I smoked may not have increased my sperm count.

Also, I don’t have any kids…that I know about. So, if I still want kids in the future, I might have to start smoking herb. Yet, that shit makes me paranoid. So, what do I do? Avoid weed because it makes me paranoid? Or should I put five on it?

Photo image by audreysteenhaut.

About Patrick Scott Barnes

Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, the now sober blogger guzzles Diet Coke in Central Florida nightspots.
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