Aging Pretentious Artist (a poem)

 Middle-aged undiscovered artist.
Still wondering why
the less talented received all the breaks
and they didn’t.
Flashback to their twenties.
Wouldn’t listen to constructive criticism.
Dismissed current popular artists.
Called their work garbage.
Years pass by.
Still arrogant.
Still a know-it-all.
Still won’t listen to constructive criticism.
Still dismissing current popular artists.
Still calling artists' work garbage.
Bitterness and anger worsen over the years. 
It’s everyone’s fault. 
The world is against them.

Now middle-aged and still undiscovered.
If only the world recognize their artistic genius.
Thinking that and still holding on
to behavior that fucked them in the first place.
Eventually dies in poverty.
Dies still bitter and angry. 
Dies a damned fool.

Artwork by The People Speak.

About Patrick Scott Barnes

Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, the now sober blogger guzzles Diet Coke in Central Florida nightspots.
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2 Responses to Aging Pretentious Artist (a poem)

  1. Come see me Saturday night at Kaleidoscope Venue for the Arts in Longwood. 1991 Corporate Square, suite 181. My first showing. I’m just getting started. Not jaded yet.


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