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Ebony Beauty Sporting Dyed-Blonde Natural Hair

I used to see her and other ladies in the backstage VIP area.  This night, she was in a VIP area located on the second floor, overlooking the dance floor.

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Ebony Cutie Wearing a Red Bra

I always saw her with another young lady. Yet, out of the two, I always preferred photographing this cutie.

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Viewing the I-4 Eyesore from a Florida Hospital

Back in 2017, I spent a week in the Altamonte Springs Florida Hospital.  My coughing all day landed me there. During my stay,  from my window, I could see the legendary I-4 Eyesore. Actually, it’s called the Majesty Building.  Overlooking Interstate … Continue reading

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Closing Time Booty Pose

The nightclub had already closed. Security was rushing people out of the place. Yet, I took pics of this young lady and her friends anyway. This pose was the last pic I took for the evening.

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Hurricane Aftermath-Pic of Fallen Tree Blocking Road

In 2017, Hurricane Irma visited my Orlando neighborhood, Afterwards, I took several pics and posted them on a previous blog. Yet, out of all the pics, this  pic of a fallen tree blocking the road is what viewers clicked on … Continue reading

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Ebony Booty Pose

I used to see these two all the time.

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The Serial Booty Squeezer (a short story)

A summer Friday night. A Downtown Orlando bar. Won’t say the name of place because I might incriminate myself. In the front right corner of the bar, a DJ plays a mixture of 80s and 90s music. Some songs are … Continue reading

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The School Lunch Money Robbery (a short story)

One morning on a sidewalk, three brown-skinned girls walked to Edmund Middle School. All three were in 6th grade. Julia wore her hair in a ponytail. During the third grade, she was held back. Annette wore braids. Cassandra wore two … Continue reading

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