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Positive Reviews for my Photo Book: Three Orlando Nightspots

three orlando nightsopts triple images
Image borrowed from Central Florida Post.

Recently, my self-published photo and poetry book Three Orlando Nightspots received two positive reviews.

In Central Florida Post, Patrick Jude writes the following:

“Barnes has seamlessly merged his two favorite mediums.”

“Nightlife can be a bit of double-edged sword, which is ostensibly noted with the double entendre title of Barnes’ first poem, “Double Whammy”. The deeply personal opening poem details the passing of Barnes’ mother, as well as real world problems ranging from car troubles to evictions. Profoundly, the poem ends with “might as well enjoy my camera… and the booze”, mirroring two major humanistic reactions to strife – creative joy and self-destruction.”

In the blog Have Cheetah, Will View, The Inner Circle writes the following:

“…his poetry and spoken word pieces are raw,rugged,sublime and above all else,they are HONEST.”

“All brilliant,all raw and honest.”

“As for the pictures,they are pretty fun as well and took me back into another life.”

Looks like the book is doing better than I expected. On another blog, I even got pics to prove it! Saying I’m proud and happy is a fuckin’ understatement.

If you want to review my book, send a message to  I’ll send you a free PDF press copy.

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