Self-publishing, Three Orlando Nightspots

People Still Buying My Photo Book

Seems like folks are still interested in my photo book Three Orlando Nightspots.

Some weeks back, at Orlando’s Imperial, my buddy Scot purchased a copy.

Scot Kerr at The Imperial at Washburn Imports.

Mind you, I rarely walk up to people trying to sell the book. Most sales are the results of me taking phone pics of those who bought the book and uploading the pic on Facebook. So, after my advertising on Facebook, folks would tell me they want a copy when they see me on the streets.

I borrowed the Facebook pic idea from my author friend Christoph Paul, a person who does the same thing with pics.

Next, on another night at Sandwich Bar,  I ran into fellow blogger and nightlife friend King Bob.

King Bob at Sandwich Bar.

I had no idea Bob would eventually write a five star Amazon review of the book.

Amazon five star review of Three Orlando Nightspots

Now, the truth is out! Many people aren’t aware there’s more to my book than pics of partying women. Most of that is my own fault. Plus some of that was me not wanting a “muse” knowing I was still thinking about them.

On another night at Lil Indies, longtime friend DJ Spank bought a copy.

Christopher Djspank Kettner at lil indies.

Spank may have bought a copy before Bob.  My memory is kind of fuzzy at the moment.

My book is even being purchased in Australia.

Australian connection. Max Moore buying Three Orlando Nightspots and The Butt Freak Blues.

I never met Max in person…yet. Still, we’ve been online friends since MySpace back in 2007.

Two weeks ago, I attended an event at Will’s Pub. Folks asked for books there too.

Last week, during an art opening at Nora’s, the first guy in the above pics (Frankie) told artist Gak about my book. Gak purchased a copy.

Artist GAK at Nora's Sugar Shack.

Last Sunday at a party, my friend Bonnie asked for a copy.

Bonnie Gardner holding Three Orlando Nightspots.

Finally, last night at Graffiti Junktion in Longwood, I ran across my friend Chris. In the following pic, he’s on the left. That’s me on the right.

Chris and Me at Graffiti Junktion in Longwood, Florida

Chris owns a copy of the book. I asked him did he read it.

He told me he enjoyed it. Also, because the book deals with alcohol abuse, he found it inspiring.

Believe it or not, the word “inspiring” surprised me. As I poured my feelings into a book some may call smut, I never intended folks to be inspired.

Oh well, looks like I might be on to something.

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