Good News: An Ex-Dickhead Boss Got Fired!

Wal-Mart Super Center at Night

Last night, after driving around Orlando, I decided to head to the closest opened Wal-Mart. The reason? I needed to use the restroom.  According to Google, the closest opened Wal-Mart happened to be the store that hired me back in 1994. Back in 2001, due to managers giving me shit, I transferred from that place to another store.

Back then, the previous store was just a regular Wal-Mart. Now, it’s a Super Wal-Mart.

Entering the store, I came across an ex-coworker. I’ll call her Karen.  In another store, Karen and I worked in the photo lab.  To make a long story short, back in 2008, that store eventullly handed me a permanent vacation.

Before hitting the restroom, I hugged Karen and told her I’ll be back.

When I came back to her, Karen told me who was still working where and how much Wal-Mart has changed over the years.  When I worked there, there was a full investment program.  After working for Wal-Mart for seven years, you earn money. After my being fired, I received a check for around twenty-thousand dollars, the highest check amount I ever received in my whole entire life.  The full investment program doesn’t exist anymore. Wal-Mart slashed it.

I also learned the assistant manager who fired me is still at the other store. Karen told me what I always suspected about that woman; she played favorites, and still doing it. In this woman’s eyes, some workers could do no wrong.

Yet, I shall cut her some slack.  When she fired me, she wrote down on my pink slip that I was eligible for a rehire. After the required six months passed, I never went back.  Then, when I applied for unemployment, she told the Unemployment Folks I was never a problem. Yet, they had to fire me for tardiness.  The Unemployment Folks still denied me my benefits.

Towards the end our conversation, Karen told me news that made my night.  Earlier in this blog post, I mentioned management giving me shit at the previous store. The main culprit was the store manager.  I’ll call him Martin.  When I was the Garden Shop department manager, my area had the highest garden shop sales in the district, especially with plants. Yet, Martin kept saying I didn’t have any leadership skills. For years, the question always remained on my mind. How the fuck do you get high sales without leadership skills? After the dickhead finally demoted me, I transferred to the other store.

During my time working in the first store, I moved. So, the store I transferred to was closer to my current home.

I even attempted getting the EEOC to jump on Martin. Not for racism, but for retaliating against my ass for writing home office about his demoting me. The letter did contain complaints about racism.  Not just about me.  No, for some reason Martin had beef with employees in my area, most who happen to be African-American. The asshole kept saying my area needed more mature workers, whatever the fuck that meant.

Even if racism wasn’t really the issue, it is against the law for companies to retaliate when you are complaining on behalf of other workers, which part of my letter was doing.  Also, companies can’t retaliate when you complain about discrimination.

After writing home office, the next thing I know, I received a shitty annual evaluation. My immediate assistant manager wasn’t going to give me a raise. Asshole Martin backed him on it.

Still, almost a year after my complaint to them, the EEOC wouldn’t do shit. By this time, I had already transferred my other store.

Yet, after all these long years, karma decided it was time for payback.  First, Martin was demoted from store manager. After demotion, he was fired. For the longest time, he owned a nasty habit for fucking with inventory. I guess Wal-Mart finally had enough.

To make things worse, karma played even nastier. From what I understood, after being fired, Martin got into an accident. When I heard accident, I assumed Karen was referring to automobiles.  Martin’s okay now.

Earlier, I mentioned the news made my night. Fuck that.  After all the shit I’ve been through recently, the news of an ex-dickhead boss getting fired made my whole goddamned entire year.

Remember, I’m eligible for rehire. As for Martin?  For what he did, Wal-Mart would never hire his stupid ass back.

Years ago, at my first store, I told something to my ex-coworker Eddie and his wife Heather.

“After folks fuck me over, things eventually swing back into my favor.”

I guess Martin’s getting fired proved that point.


About Patrick Scott Barnes

Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, the now sober blogger guzzles Diet Coke in Central Florida nightspots.
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6 Responses to Good News: An Ex-Dickhead Boss Got Fired!

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Karma is a cold-hearted bitch.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karma is indeed one cruel master,Martin sounds like he got what he deserved but you know he got that fat ass check as well when he got the hook,unless he was caught stealing.


  3. Eddie says:

    Guess you were right. Karma is a Bitch.


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