Three Orlando Nightspots

Sold Seven More Copies of Photo Book Three Orlando Nightspots

Last Sunday night, I drove to Orlando’s Hideaway Bar. There I planned to meet my buddy Colin, a dude who wanted to buy a copy of my book Three Orlando Nightspots.

He bought one for him and a friend.

Books 6 and Five at Orlando's Hideaway

I only expected to sell two copies that night.  Yet, I sold four more. Because of the content, I didn’t expect women to buy the book.

At home, I later received a text message saying some douche signed a customer’s copy of the book. The customer sent a pic.

A Douche Signing My Book

I promised to replace the book.

Fast forward to last night.  After watching the Justice League movie, I drove to Longwood’s Graffiti Junktion.

It was a last minute thing. I hadn’t planned on going there. Yet, I managed to sell a book.

Book 11 with Casey at Graffiti Junktion in Longwood, Florida

I hadn’t expected to sell this many books within a week. Looks like my book containing pics of partying women and poetry is a great product.

For $10.18, copies are available on

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