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39 Booty Pics

Because friends and fans know me for booty pics, I figured what the hell.  Might as well make a blog with nothing but booty pics. I might lose Facebook friends behind this.  I might even scare off potential romantic if my love life was all that spectacular in the first place. Right about now… Continue reading 39 Booty Pics


Photos of Mister Pierre’s Kinky Fetish Con Fundraiser 7-29-2017

Two Saturday's back, I attended Mister Pierre's Kinky Fetish Con Fundraiser. Mister Pierre's Fetish was raising funds to attend the upcoming Fetish Con in September.  Enjoy the pics. To see a pic individually, click on it. Lita Laroux. Lexi Katt. Auroura Fable. That Broad. (Art in the background by Kelvin Arias.)


DJ Sandra Collins at Orlando’s Sandwich Bar 7-28-2017

Last Friday, I drove to Orlando’s Sandwich Bar. The DJ lineup was Scot Marc, Mathew Scott and American international DJ Sandra Collins. On another website, I blogged about Sandra Collins before. I hadn’t been to Sandwich Bar since 2014. It was cool seeing friends I hadn’t talked to in a while. I was granted permission… Continue reading DJ Sandra Collins at Orlando’s Sandwich Bar 7-28-2017