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Fake Crying at Uncle Ellis’s Funeral (A Short Story)

At Uncle Ellis’s funeral, Marvin hated wearing his nice-nephew mask. Yet, this mask was a necessity. As light brown-skinned Elder Hollingsworth gave the eulogy, Marvin sniffled and pretended wiping away a tear. Sitting next to him, Aunt Gwendolyn patted Marvin’s … Continue reading

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A Crappy Bus Ride to Work (A Short Story)

As he waited at the bus stop, Greg watched the dark clouds move across the morning sky. He hoped and prayed it wouldn’t rain. At least, not before the bus arrived. At some bus stops, shelters existed for folks to … Continue reading

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Drinking with a Cracker (A Short Story)

With his brown skin and long dreadlocks, Frankie realized he stood out among the white bar crowd. Yet, he didn’t give a damn. As he sat alone at the bar counter, the only thing Frankie cared about was enjoying his … Continue reading

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