Port Orange Man Sells $23 Water During Hurricane Matthew

Of all the fucking nerve! As Floiridians are scared shitless of Hurricane Matthew,  Randy Day of Port Orange decided to exploit the situation. According to his Facebook post, he bought cases of water, a huge amount. Not only that, he wants to sell the cases for $23 each.  He promise to deliver if you buy three or more. Now add that up, folks.  You have to at least spend $69 for water.  Then, Randy will deliver free of charge.  How kind of him.

Two things go throug my mind. One, I hope this a joke. Two, if this is illegal, I hope the cops lock his ass real soon.

Bad enough folks are worried about a category 3 hurricane. Yet, this asshole wants to take advantage of these same people.

About Patrick Scott Barnes

Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, the now sober blogger guzzles Diet Coke in Central Florida nightspots.
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