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Living the Edward Scissorhands Lifestyle

Spoiler Alert: If you never watched the movie Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Depp, don’t read this blog. I never forgot the ending to Edward Scissorhands. In the end, he lived alone creating art, carving ice sculptures as he lived alone … Continue reading

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An Ex-Food Stamp Recipient Kills Food Stamp Myths

Somehow or another, food stamps became a discussion between two coworkers. One was a Latino guy. The other was a white woman. The white woman and I get along. Plus with her nice shape, she’s easy on the eyes. Yet, … Continue reading

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NBC News Producer Contacts Me About My Melania Trump Blog!

Today, I received a Facebook message from a NBC Nightly News producer. She was interested in my Melania Trump blog. Here’s the conversation.   Damn it!  If only those pics were mine!  My blog would have been shown nationwide! Oh … Continue reading

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Fuck What the Vet Says: Your Cat is a Dickhead!

After my mom’s passing, I somewhat inherited two male cats.  Both are unneutered. By now, cat lovers may already know the troubles I am experiencing; fights and spaying every damned where. Yet, here’s the thing. One of the cats I … Continue reading

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Last Night, the Shittiest House Music Ever Created Calmed Me Down

Recently, my mom passed away.  With that, a huge shit load of aggravations entered my life; funeral preparation, dealing with insurance companies and handling other loose ends.  I say my life. Yet, my brother and step-dad are included with this … Continue reading

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