Sanders Supporters Pull the Jew Card


Yesterday on Facebook, my friend Billy Manes posted an article painting Bernie Sanders supporters in a bad light. According to the article, a New York Times reporter was receiving death threats from Sanders supporters.

Here was my first comment.

Sandernista 4


Then, I posted a second comment.

Sandernista 1


Look at one of the responses to my comment.

Sandernista 2


Yes, dear readers, she pulled the Jew Card. I understand the appropriate words maybe Religion Card. Yet, I thought I’d be more specific.

So, why did Ronni attempt branding me the Honorable Patrick Scott Farrakhan?  Here’s why.

Sandernista 3


First of all, Sandernista references Sandinista,  the democratic socialist party in Nicaragua. The word has nothing to do with Nazis in Europe.  Also, doesn’t Sanders call himself a democratic socialist?

I don’t like Sanders because he’s making promises he can’t keep.  What makes him think a hostile Congress is going to accept free college for everyone? Plus I don’t like what he said about Southern states distorting reality. He did not lose Southern states because they were conservative. Sanders lost Southern states because he couldn’t reach black Democrat voters, a problem he always had.

When it comes Sander’s black voter problem, this genius on a Washington Post blog said this.

Sandernista 5

Personally, I think the whole thing is funny. Of all the things to not like about Bernie Sanders, people have to pull the Jew Card.  The fact that Bernie Sanders is a dick has nothing to do with people hating him. Nope, according to some folks, it’s because Sanders shares the same heritage as filmmaker Woody Allen and actor William Shatner. (The editor of my upcoming novella shares that heritage too.) Some people ought to be ashamed of themselves.





About Patrick Scott Barnes

Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, the now sober blogger guzzles Diet Coke in Central Florida nightspots.
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