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Placing Booty Before Personality

I can’t help it. I just want to squeeze her booty. Her booty always runs through my mind. She owns a round and thick booty.  Booty cheeks bigger than a handful. I feel guilty about my booty obsession. Why? She … Continue reading

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How I Tricked Facebook Friends into Liking a Booty Pic

Every weekend, I photograph for The Beacham, a nightclub located in Downtown Orlando. During the editing of pics, one particular photo caught my eye. In the photo, a dancer performed as purple lights shined through floating mists. With her light-brown … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between a Sanders and Trump Crowd?

I’m having a hard time noticing the difference between a Bernie Sanders crowd and a Donald Trump crowd. Here’s a Trump rally.  Notice the lack of diversity? Some may say Trump’s message appeals to bigoted white racists.  This may explain … Continue reading

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