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Nasty Memes Attacking Madonna’s Prince Tribute

Looks like Madonna’s Billboard tribute to Prince pissed many people off. I’ll be honest. I only saw a small clip involving her and Stevie Wonder singing “Purple Rain.”  Hated it. It didn’t take long for the memes to start. I … Continue reading

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Sexy Pics of Melania Trump

In the past months, I noticed sexy pics of Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump.  Born in Yugoslavia,  the third Mrs. Donald Trump is a jewelry and watchmaker.  Also, she’s a former model. Even though I think she’s attractive, she … Continue reading

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Understanding the Outrage Over Blake Lively’s “LA face with an Oakland Booty”

How dare that white woman claim she has a black woman’s booty! Of all the gall! I swear! Niggas can’t have shit! They take our music. They take our style. Now, they’re trying to take booty away from us! Okay, … Continue reading

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The Disappointing Prince Tribute

Last night, a friend notified me that a Prince tribute was happening in Downtown Orlando. The venue was a place I attended in the past.  Actually, about eight years ago, I filmed a documentary there. I didn’t know the new … Continue reading

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A Prince Mural Painted by Orlando Artist Andrew Spear

Soon after Prince’s death, Orlando artist Andrew Spear painted a mural at The Hideaway Bar. The bar is located on 516 Virginia Drive. The mural is located outside on the bar’s back wall. Andrew told me the mural took four … Continue reading

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50 Orlando Nightclub Photos Containing Various Races of Women

Located in Downtown Orlando, The Beacham Nightclub plays hip hop both on Fridays and Saturdays. Fridays are Ladies Night. Ladies get in free all night. Dudes get in free before 11 PM. Sundays are Latin nights. I think for about … Continue reading

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Nail in the Tire, Busted Spare Tire and the Good Samaritan

As I drove home this afternoon, I heard a flapping sound coming from the back-left tire. When I reached the house, I immediately examined the tire. No, it wasn’t flat. Yet, I saw a nail sticking inside the top. Actually, … Continue reading

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Placing Booty Before Personality

I can’t help it. I just want to squeeze her booty. Her booty always runs through my mind. She owns a round and thick booty.  Booty cheeks bigger than a handful. I feel guilty about my booty obsession. Why? She … Continue reading

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How I Tricked Facebook Friends into Liking a Booty Pic

Every weekend, I photograph for The Beacham, a nightclub located in Downtown Orlando. During the editing of pics, one particular photo caught my eye. In the photo, a dancer performed as purple lights shined through floating mists. With her light-brown … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between a Sanders and Trump Crowd?

I’m having a hard time noticing the difference between a Bernie Sanders crowd and a Donald Trump crowd. Here’s a Trump rally.  Notice the lack of diversity? Some may say Trump’s message appeals to bigoted white racists.  This may explain … Continue reading

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