Five Annoying Things People Do in Grocery Lines


Today, as I stood in a grocery line, someone did something that annoyed me. Yet, it inspired me to write this list of five annoying things people do in grocery lines.

1.Paying too much attention to food stamp recipients. Yea, I know. You worked hard for your money. So, it’s a shame when someone buys a bag of Cheetos with an EBT card. They are taking advantage of the government, damn it. The world is coming to an end. Why? Because someone bought a bag of Cheetos with an EBT card.

Now, when President’s lie about weapons of mass destruction, huge amounts of taxpayer money is spent financing that lie. Contractors have to be paid. CEOs of companies profiting from this lie have to be paid also. CEOs receive millions more than the soldiers doing the actual fighting. Financing a war based on a lie sucks up more money than people buying a bag of Cheetos with an EBT card. Yet, let’s aim the evil eye at Cheetos Dude. That’ll fix the moocher.

2. Pulling out a crap load of coupons. For real? I know every penny counts. Yet, you’re going to hold up the line just so you can save five dollars on a hundred dollar grocery bill?

Not only that, some of the coupons has expired. Either you can’t read or you were trying to be slick hoping the cashier wouldn’t catch the expiration date. But oh no, you start arguing with the cashier. They’re wrong and you’re right. Now, the cashier has to call the manager. All this over a two- for-one coupon that has expired,

Now, you’re holding up the damned line even longer. At the moment, people hate you worse than folks who hate Cheetos Dude with the EBT card.

Then, the manager arrives and honors the coupon. But you probably already knew the manager was going to do that. Pat yourself on the back. After arguing with the cashier and holding up the line, you got yourself an extra can of tuna. You’re a real winner. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

3. Bringing more than ten items in the Ten Items Only line. Maybe a person can tolerate one or two more items. Yet, for some reason, some Neanderthals think rules don’t apply to them. You can say everyone receives two cookies a piece. Yet, for some reason, these numbskulls insist they have four cookies. Nope, the rules do not apply to them.

I remember one dude pretending he couldn’t comprehend English. Yet, in the language the customer did comprehend, a young male employee corrected him in an angry tone. The employee was a fellow member of the customer’s ethnic group.

All you wanted to do was buy a bag of Cheetos. That’s why you jumped into the Ten Items Only line. But oh no, you now have to wait forever. Why? Because some idiot up ahead decided to bring more than ten items in the line.

4. Talking loud on cell phones. Right about now, nobody cares about your daughter’s recital. Maybe, the person you’re talking to on the phone wants to hear it. Yet, dude behind you just want to buy a bag of Cheetos. But oh no, the whole store must hear about your daughter’s recital.

Maybe, you just have a big mouth. Truth be known, some ethnic groups do speak louder than other people.

Maybe, you just want the whole store to know about your daughter’s recital. But this isn’t really about your daughter. This is really about you. That’s why you’re talking loud at the moment. You want the whole store to look at you.

Even when the cashier rings you up, you’re still running your big mouth about your daughter’s recital. Even Cheetos Dude with the EBT card has better manners than you.

5. Eating food before you buy it. This is what annoyed me today. A woman unwrapped a Hershey bar and started eating it before she purchased the food.

I know. Mind my own business. Yet, when I worked retail, I hated that crap when I used to ring these types up. After eating the food, what if they didn’t have the money? Just about everyone has gone to the store and realized they left their money at home. Now, the store may have to take a loss because Impatient Person didn’t have the money to pay for the food they just ate. At least,  Cheetos Dude had an EBT card. Yet, the  person who had just ate the food don’t have anything to pay with.

Yes, Hershey Bar Woman had the money. Still, I know someone who didn’t. Before buying the product, they proceeded to eat it. But didn’t have the money to purchase it.

These are my pet peeves. Maybe, you have some I didn’t mention.

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About Patrick Scott Barnes

Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, the now sober blogger guzzles Diet Coke in Central Florida nightspots.
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2 Responses to Five Annoying Things People Do in Grocery Lines

  1. Jinzo_2400 says:

    Tommy Sotomayor must have guest blogged this entry!!! *LOL*


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