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Vulture Tabloids Already Feasting on Prince’s Death

Last night, after gathering a few items at the grocery store, I remembered hearing Prince was on the cover of People magazine.  When I reached the grocery lines, I found the People magazine on display. Yet, I saw something else … Continue reading

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Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen: The Origin of a Famous Rock Phrase

During the summer of 1983, I was fourteen at the time. The apartments I lived in contained residents of various races and ethnicities.  This various mix exposed me to different varieties of music. This was how I was exposed to … Continue reading

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A Night Walk Leads to Photographing Prince History

Last Thursday night, I decided to take a walk. Normally, I take walks during the early evenings. Yet, this night touched close to 12 AM. Still, I took a walk anyways. At this time of night, I was running the … Continue reading

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Photos and Interview of Orlando Artist Morgan Steele

Recently, I received word Orlando artist Morgan Steele died in an auto accident. You can check out his artwork…here. He was a dear friend of mine.  Every time I posted something on Facebook, he had a crazy answer for it.  … Continue reading

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Quit Complaining About Too Many Prince Facebook Posts

  Dear Facebook friends, In my Facebook feeds, I see your grumblings about Prince. Your posts say you are tired of seeing things about Prince on Facebook.  Or something of that nature. Also, I see some folks agreeing with you. … Continue reading

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Meme Shows a Pandering Hillary Clinton Dressed as Prince

Today on Facebook, I saw a meme showing Hillary Clinton dressed as Prince.  Then, the meme insinuates Clinton would dress as Prince to gain black votes.  One of my Bernie supporting friends posted it. For real? You’re going to use … Continue reading

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Photo Tribute to Prince

Just like with many Prince fans, today is a sad day for me.  My favorite musician passed away. At the moment, I don’t feel like writing. So, instead I lifted some photos from the Internet to pay tribute. (If you … Continue reading

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Three Tips for a Fuckin’ Calmer Life

After reading many self-help books over the years, I found these following three tips useful. I’m not promising a stress-free life. Yet, I do guarantee the following tips will make your life calmer. 1. Avoid toxic people as much as … Continue reading

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Six Reasons When a Rapper Gets Rock ‘N Roll More Than Most Rockers

In a recent Rolling Stone article, KISS bassist Chaim Witz (Gene Simmons) said he looked forward to the death of rap music. In the past, he bitched about rap acts inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. Because rappers don’t … Continue reading

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Ricky: The Rat Who Became Florida’s Governor

One day, Ricky the Rat decided to run for Florida Governor. Many of his rat friends were taken aback. “But you’re a rat,” one said. Ricky ignored them. Soon, he gathered other rats who did believe in him. Next, in … Continue reading

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