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When Naysayers Said My First Play Wouldn’t Get Produced

“White people won’t produce it,” one person said. “Hey, man, these dudes are cussing,” another person said. This is what folks said after reading a few pages of my first play “Blades”. Black characters called white people “crackers” and “peckerwoods”. … Continue reading

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Liberal Outrage Closes Pet the White People Zoo

A decent American can’t make an honest dollar anymore. Too many damned liberals dictate how everyone should live, speak and do business. Five years ago, I created Pet the White People Zoo. The purpose of the zoo? Conservation and educating … Continue reading

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Sexy Pics of Beyonce’s Cousin Kristin Douglas

Recently, at a relative’s funeral, Beyonce posed with her cousin Kristin Douglas and another woman. The Internet went crazy over Kristin.  In the following pic, that’s Kristin on the right.   Loving the “blue dress”, I searched Kristin’s Instagram profile. … Continue reading

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Meme Explaining Why You Should Support Authors

Today on Facebook, I spotted a meme posted by New Bizarro Author Series. It tells how much money authors really make.  Plus it explains why  you should place reviews on Amazon. Meme created by Tall Poppies.

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MTV Kills Latest Trend

Trends come. Trends go. When trends go mainstream? Time to say goodbye. Rest in peace, twerking. MTV shot you in the heart with an ex-Disney star with no ass. No more watching big juicy booty bouncing to cheesy rap music. … Continue reading

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Tossing Salad

Wonder how long has it been since I had my salad tossed. Salad hadn’t been tossed in a long time. Been too long since I had my salad tossed. Wonder how many black people versus white people toss salad. Wonder … Continue reading

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You Finished Writing Your Book. So Fuckin’ What?

For someone who used to be shy around the opposite sex, I sure did pick the wrong project to work on. After my fearing rejection from the opposite sex, I choose to pick a project that may cause far worse … Continue reading

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Receiving Another Request to Remove a Social Media Pic

The more I experience this, the more annoying it gets. Usually, it’s women who pull it. Today, I received a request to remove a pic from social media. It was a very naughty photo involving a white girl and two … Continue reading

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