Black Nightclub Woman Wearing Black Lipstick

When I saw her at the Orlando nightclub I was photographing, she stood out.

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Nightclub Latina Group Pose

This was a Latin Night at an Orlando nightclub. I saw these beauties standing by the entrance. Of course, I had to photograph them.

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The Idris Elba Look-A-Like (a poem)

Hanging out at a Latin Freestyle event.
Buddy of mine playing classic Latin freestyle from the 80s.
Even mixed in 80s hip hop.
Me watching some woman’s big booty.
Or should I call it culo grande?
I never approach her.
She’s with a dude.
Night ends.
Some dude looks at me and smiles.
“You know who you look like?” he says. “Idris Elba, bro.”

Took me by surprise.
Don’t really see the resemblance.
Yet, Elba and I are somewhere close in age.
I’m a few years older.
Months pass.
Idris Elba named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.
Remembering dude saying I look like Elba.
Wonder if Elba’s female fans think the same thing.
Wonder if I can use that to my advantage.
Well, ain’t no harm in me finding out.
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Blonde Girl Hiding Inside Another Woman’s Cleavage

This was at Aero, a Downtown Orlando rooftop bar.  When you click on the pic, you’ll see I mislabeled it with another Orlando nightspot.

With encouragement from their two male friends, the blonde was really into the craziness that night.

This pic is in my photo-book Three Orlando Nightspots.

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The Rolling Stones’ Money Making Machine

So far, The Rolling Stones has thirteen dates scheduled for their 2019 US No Filter Tour.  I live in the Orlando area. Twice, The Rolling Stones played in Orlando. Yet, for the No Filter Tour, Miami and Jacksonville are the only Florida cities scheduled.

Even tho I like their music, I was never a hardcore Rolling Stones fan. Yet, my late mother loved Mick Jagger.

Still, I do appreciate The Rolling Stones business sense.  According to a 2002 Fortune article, from 1989 to 2002, the band raked in 1.5 billion dollars. This included record sales, touring, song rights and merchandise. During the No Filter Tour across the pond, the band made $10 million dollars a night.

Currently, band members are in their seventies. In the past years, folks question The Rolling Stones’ age. Are they too old to rock ‘n’ roll? I’m not answering that. Yet, if folks are still paying to see them onstage, why quit?

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Latina Nightclub Girl Wearing a Maroon Dress

This was Latin Night at an Orlando Nightclub. She was sitting with her significant other in the VIP balcony.

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Laptop DJ ( a poem)

Jeesica Pawli at Orlando’s Kush
Use to DJ some years back.
Made more money in Sanford than I did in Orlando.
Had a weekly gig in Sanford.
Two nights a week at a joint called Little Fish, Huge Pond.
Most folks appreciated me.
Patrons even celebrated my birthday there.
Surprised me with a birthday cake.
DJ equipment wasn’t anything fancy.
Just a laptop and external memory containing my music.
Using a laptop gained me a few enemies.
Some folks said I wasn’t a real DJ.
Guess I was supposed to still be using vinyl or CDs.
Or use a controller.
Still, most patrons didn’t give a shit about equipment.
People who hired me for parties and events
didn’t care about equipment either.
Sometimes, I got more gigs than “real DJs”.
Most folks just wanted decent music.
Wasn’t trying to change the world.
Wasn’t trying to start a new scene.
Was mainly trying to earn some money.
Couldn’t find a real job.
Nobody wouldn't hire a guy who was fired for tardiness.
For the record, I was never written up for that.
Nor was I ever warned my tardiness was going to get me fired.
Still, this is Right-To-Work Florida.
The state where an employer can fire you for anything
and get away with it.
Yet, can’t fire you because of race, gender and age.
Folks didn’t have to call me a real DJ.
My laptop did what it was supposed to do.
Put money in my pocket during hard times.
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