Green Light Shining on Dancer Wearing Glasses

She danced at the Orlando nightclub I used to photograph for. Nice woman. When I uploaded her pics to Facebook, many folks fell in love with her.

Normally, she doesn’t wear glasses. Yet, sometimes, I love seeing sexy women wearing glasses.

If I remember correctly, the dancer is half-Black and half-Italian.

This pic is included in my photobook Nightclub Womenz. There’s also a Kindle Version.

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Black Nightclub Woman Wearing Glasses

Almost every weekend, I used to see this beauty at the Orlando nightclub I used to photograph. She was usually on the club’s stage. Also, I remember her as being friendly.

This is my favorite pic of her. Normally, she doesn’t wear glasses. Matter of fact, I think this was the only time I saw her wearing a pair. Still, the “teacher-look” caught my attention this night.

This pic is included in my photobook Nightclub Womenz. There’s also a Kindle Version.

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Story Introduction to Nightclub Womenz: a photo and poetry book

The following is the introduction to Nightclub Womenz, my latest photo book containing a few poems. For $10.99, the book can be purchased on Amazon. To purchase, click here.

As of this writing, the whole world is experiencing the 
Covid-19 pandemic. The same virus is tearing up my home 
state. Right now, when it comes to the corona-virus,
Florida holds one of the highest death toll rates in 
the country.

During these scary times, I usually follow these three 
things. First, I drive to work. After work, wearing a mask, 
I stop by Wal-Mart. Then finally, I drive home. 

I rarely go out. Folks with underlying health conditions 
are more likely to die from Covid-19. My underlying heath 
condition? High blood pressure. So, that’s why I usually 
stay my ass home.

So, during this pandemic, what’s a good way to pass time? 
I chose creating a photo book containing a few poems. 

For two and a half years, I photographed a Downtown 
Orlando nightclub. The first year, I photographed Fridays 
and Saturdays. On those nights, mostly hip-hop music played. 
The second year, my nights included Sundays. These nights 
contained mostly Tropical Latin music.

I always cared more about the women photos than I did the 
other pics. That's why I always uploaded the women photos 
to social media. I wanted my friends to see the beauties 
I encountered every weekend.

Because social media friends loved them, I placed some of 
those photos in this book. I included dancers, VIP bottle 
service women, bartenders, a future hip-hop star plus a 
woman dressed as a green M&M. Of course, I included the 
sexy patrons. 

The nightclub isn’t paying me to advertise for them. 
So, I’m not mentioning the place’s name.

Here’s some sample pics.

A sample of a pic with poetry. In the book, you won’t see the gray space in between.

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Standing Out (a poem)

Rather stand out. 
Hate trying to be like everyone else. 
Too damned boring. 
Too damned restrictive. 
Too damned time-consuming. 
Too damned stupid. 

Some folks judge you anyway. 
Always finding the cracks in your sidewalk.
Rarely saying anything positive about you. 
Always saying something negative. 

Hate folks telling me what to believe. 
Or what to read. 
What to listen to. 
What to wear. 
What to eat. 
What to drink. 
How to express myself. 
Who to hang around. 
Who to marry. 
Wish some folks would mind their own goddamned business. 

Don’t know the rules sometimes. 
Try playing them. 
Next thing I know? 
I played the wrong rules. 
Or the rules have changed. 
Now, I’m the fool again. 
The idiot. 
The cave person who should’ve known better. 

Reason why I avoid trying to fit in. 
Too damned time-consuming. 
Too damned restrictive. 
Too damned stupid.

Image by trajaner (

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Contributing Facebook Photos to the Community

For those that don’t know, I was once a nightclub photographer.  My main job was photographing patrons.  After editing pics, I would email them to a nightclub employee.  That person uploaded the pics to the nightclub’s website. Yet, too many times, the pics were never uploaded.

I never knew why that took place. This also occurred under two and three other different uploaders too.

Other times, when pics were uploaded, a person still may not see themselves. Yet, that didn’t just happen with nightclubs. It also happened when I photographed events for a local publication.

Pickiness I did understand.  Many times, you want to upload the photos that best represents your place or event. So, this explains why all photos are not uploaded. When it comes to representing a place or event, some photos do not fit.

Thinking about people not seeing their pics inspired me.  For the past few months, I have been uploading event and nightclub photos to Facebook. If someone uploads a photo of you, Facebook alerts you about it. I anticipated this as I uploaded photos. I was hoping Facebook would let folks know I uploaded a photo or photos of them.

So far, that’s been working.   Every day, I receive a request for someone to tag themselves in a photo.  Some folks tag their friends. I didn’t expect that. Still, I am happy for it.  As of this writing, I have only received one request to remove a pic.

I saw my actions as a way of contributing to the community, especially during these pandemic times.  Am I looking for praise? Not really. In fact, this blog post is an explanation to Facebook friends.  Now, they know why I’ve been uploading so many photos recently.  This wasn’t about me. This was about the community.

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Ex-Flame’s Faith in God (a poem)

Out on an evening date.
Ol' Girl tells me about God.
Says God was going to send her the right man to marry.
Years pass.
Mutual friend tells me Ol' Girl got married.
More years pass.
Another mutual friend tells me about Ol' Girl's husband.
Dude is an asshole.
Always wondered if this was true.
Was he really an asshole?
Or was mutual friend full of shit?
If this was true?
Wonder what Ol' Girl did to piss off God.
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Spider-Man’s Racial Identity (a poem)

Second grade.
Forgot how it went.
Think it was during music class.
White classmate said he was Spider-Man.
Then, I said I was Spider-Man too. Or something like that.
Classmate said Spider-Man wasn’t black.
I do remember that part.
He pulled this before with another character.
Forgot which one.
Over thirty years pass.
Marvel Comics introduces Miles Morales.
A black Hispanic teenager.
In another universe, Miles fights crime as 
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.
Halloween season.
White friend tells social media his son wants to be Miles Morales.
Mind was made up.
Kid says he’s going to be Miles Morales for Halloween.
Finding this ironic.
White kid wants to be a black Hispanic superhero.
Remembering that classmate who told me I couldn’t be Spider-Man.
Because punk-ass Peter Parker wasn’t black.
Have no problem with my friend’s kid being Miles Morales.
Yet, as for that classmate of mine?
His kid or kids or grand-kids can’t be Black Panther.

Photo by Cristian Bortes.

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Nocturnal Creature (a poem)

People who are active at night.
A word I learned recently about myself.
Studies describe nocturnal people as smart and creative.
(Well, I’ll get back to you on that one.)
Studies say nocturnal people lag in academics.
(Nope, I didn't finish college.)
Studies say nocturnal people eat unhealthily.
(Uh huh, that explains my high blood pressure.)
Use to think being nocturnal was a hindrance.
A pain in the ass.
Cannot sleep at night.
Always late for work the next morning.
Now, I embrace being nocturnal.

Photo by Uwe Schmidt. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Ass for Days (a poem)

Can’t stop looking at my co-worker’s big ass. 
Trying to be a gentleman to her.
Trying not to see her as a sex object. 
Trying to see her as just another co-worker.
Still can’t stop looking at that big ass.
Trying not watch as my coworker steps up a ladder. 
Trying not to watch as she bends over and picks up something. 
Trying not to look as she happens to be in my path.
How can you not see that big ass?
Can see that big ass from a mile away.
An ass that could distract a person driving down the street.
So busy looking at that big ass, driver crashes into another car.
Yea, that big ass can cause a car crash.
Coworker knows I like big behinds.
Yet, I try not to bring the subject up.
Still can’t stop looking at that big ass, tho.
Coworker has a boyfriend. 
Met him before.
Nice dude.
Always doing kind things for her kid.
Her having a boyfriend another reason for me to behave.
Don’t find myself feeling too ashamed about this.
Am I not a heterosexual, African-American male?
Most black dudes feel me on this one.
“You say she got some ass, dawg?”
“Yea, she got some ass, bruh.”
“Ass for days?”
“You know it.”
“Shee-it, I would be looking too!”
I’ll keep being nice.
Will continue treating coworker as a friend…and not a sex object.
Still can’t stop looking at that big ass, tho.

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A Favorite Florida Bar Now Known Nationwide for Covid-19 Cases

Back in 2018, I used to hang out at Kiwi’s Pub and Grill, located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Mostly, I went there for trivia nights. Plus I enjoyed the food and service.

Because I no longer live in the area, I don’t go to Kiwi’s anymore.

Still, imagine my surprise when I found out the place closed because of COVID-19. Recently, six people informed the bar they were infected with the coronavirus. Within the last week, all six had been inside Kiwi’s.

It was shocking enough to learn this about a bar I frequented. It was even more shocking to see the same bar mentioned in an online Newsweek article. The article talks about Florida bars that reopened and shut down again because of the coronavirus.

I still can’t believe it. A bar I enjoyed playing trivia in is now known nationwide for COVID-19 cases. That makes me want to just stay home and watch Netflix all day.

Oh well, here’s some past pics I took in Kiwi’s.

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