A Selfie with Wrestler Amber Nova

Wrestler Amber Nova and Me

Recently, I photographed the Orlando Beer Festival 2018.

During my photographing the event, I happen to run across this cute female wrestler.  I asked for a selfie. During the first attempt, I held my iPhone. The second time, she held the phone.  I liked her pic better.

Next, with my phone, I uploaded the pic to Facebook. Facebook friends recognized the wrestler as Amber Nova.

Not knowing shit about wrestling, I Googled Amber’s name. According to Fandom.com,:

Amber Nova (November 2, 1991) is an American professional wrestler. She is known for her current work throughout the Florida independent circuit.  However, she is better known nationally for her work on Impact Wrestling from Spring 2017 until January 2018.”

Well, what do you know? I took a selfie with a well-known wrestling star.

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A Selfie with an Orlando Nightclub Cutie

If I remember correctly, this young cutie didn’t want me photographing her with my pro camera. Yet, when it came to an iPhone selfie, she didn’t mind taking a photo with me. Go figure.

Oh yea, the light is from the Neatday LED phone case you can buy from Amazon.com.


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Two Smiling Nightclub Latinas


This was during Latin night at an Orlando nightclub.





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Smiling Ebony Beauty with Cleavage

I think she had a Caribbean accent. I’m not sure. Still, I remember her as being friendly.


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Latina Booty Pose

This was Latin Night. I walked to the nightclub’s backstage and asked her to pose for me.  I didn’t expect the booty pose. Not as if I’m complaining.


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Bondage Barbie

Hanging out at a now-closed Orlando spot, I saw a tied-up Barbie doll in the bathroom.

I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity. So, I pulled out my iPhone and photographed her.


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Ebony Beauty Sporting Dyed-Blonde Natural Hair

I used to see her and other ladies in the backstage VIP area.  This night, she was in a VIP area located on the second floor, overlooking the dance floor.

Short Blonde Natural Hair at Orlando's The Beacham

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