Trump Supporter Compares Trump’s Bigots to Black Lives Matter…and Booty!!!

Recently on Facebook, I got into with Trump supporters. One of them compared bigoted Trump followers with Black Lives Matter… and booty.

Trump supporter comparing Trump bigots with Black Lives Matter...and booty.

Because a Trump supporter complained about my screenshot not showing the whole conversation, I decided to post the whole conversation on this blog.

A friend posted this on Facebook.

Outspoken About Immigrant Kids in Cages 2


Here’s my response and the rest of the conversation.

Facebook Conversations with Trump Supporters

Facebook Conversations with Trump Supporters 2

Facebook Conversations with Trump Supporters 3

Facebook Conversations with Trump Supporters 4

Facebook Conversations with Trump Supporters 5

Facebook Conversations with Trump Supporters 6


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Two Positive Reviews for the Photo and Poetry Book Three Orlando Nightspots

three orlando nightsopts triple images

Image borrowed from Central Florida Post.

Recently, my self-published photo and poetry book Three Orlando Nightspots received two positive reviews.

In Central Florida Post, Patrick Jude writes the following:

“Barnes has seamlessly merged his two favorite mediums.”

“Nightlife can be a bit of double-edged sword, which is ostensibly noted with the double entendre title of Barnes’ first poem, “Double Whammy”. The deeply personal opening poem details the passing of Barnes’ mother, as well as real world problems ranging from car troubles to evictions. Profoundly, the poem ends with “might as well enjoy my camera… and the booze”, mirroring two major humanistic reactions to strife – creative joy and self-destruction.”

In the blog Have Cheetah, Will View, The Inner Circle writes the following:

“…his poetry and spoken word pieces are raw,rugged,sublime and above all else,they are HONEST.”

“All brilliant,all raw and honest.”

“As for the pictures,they are pretty fun as well and took me back into another life.”

Looks like the book is doing better than I expected. On another blog, I even got pics to prove it! Saying I’m proud and happy is a fuckin’ understatement.

If you want to review my book, send a message to  I’ll send you a free PDF press copy.

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Coughing Fits (a hospital poem)

Florida Hospital Altamonte 1 - Emergency Room


Having a hard time walking up stairs.
Always giving out of breath when I walk upstairs to outdoor rooftop bars.
Always giving out of breath when I walk upstairs in downtown parking garages.

Had a nasty cold recently.
Thought it went away.
Yet, nasty cold returns.

Can’t sleep on my back.
Sleeping on my back causes coughing.

Soon the day arrives where I cough all day.
Coughing prevents me from sleeping.

Over-the-counter medications won’t stop coughing.
Still can’t sleep
Sleep is all I ask for.
Coughing continues.

Forced to make decision I had been avoiding, going to the hospital.
Driving myself to the emergency room.
And don’t have any damned money or insurance.
Reasons why I avoided going to the hospital in the first place.

Hospital finds pneumonia, high blood pressure, gout and high cholesterol.


Everyday eating nasty-tasting hospital food.
Texting one of the owners of the three nightspots I photograph.
Telling him I’m in the hospital, and may remain here for a long time.
Filling out financial assistance paperwork.
Visits from different specialists.
Visits from friends.
Visits from relatives.

“Dang, Pat,” one relative says. “I didn’t know you drink like that.”

This after witnessing me telling doctor I drink booze four to five times a week.
Plus during these times, I consume up to six or more drinks.
Mostly beer.

“Now, Pat,” another relative says. “High blood pressure is what killed yo’ mama. That’s what caused her stroke.”

Facebook friends worrying when they see my posts and selfies.

Thinking about ex’s smiling face.
Recently realized no telling when she was divorcing her husband.
No telling if she ever would.
Told me excuses for why she couldn’t divorce him in the past.
One of them was husband having two powerful lawyers.
If ex never divorced her husband?
Time would’ve been wasted waiting for her.
Finally, closing the chapter on her.

Needles drawing blood from my veins every night.
Sometimes, blood can’t be drawn.
Because of that, needles jabbing into my veins two and three more times for blood.

Stayed in hospital for a whole week.

After release?
Prescribed medication causing me serious drowsiness.
Ambulance drives me back to the hospital.

Another night of needles draining blood.
Another night of needles jabbing my veins two and three more times for blood.

Doctor reduces my medication.
Released again.

And hoping I’ll never ever see another fuckin’ hospital bed.

A poem from the book Three Orlando Nightspots.  Available on

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62 Pics of Folks Who Bought My Orlando Photo/Poetry Book

Back in November, I self-published my photo and poetry book Three Orlando Nightspots. As the book contains pics of cute nightlife women, it also contains poetry dealing with alcohol abuse, my mom’s death and health problems caused by alcohol abuse.  Oh yea, the poetry also deals with a broken romance I rarely talk about.

The book and kindle version is available on

As people buy my books, I photograph them and upload the pic to Facebook.  Because they see my constant Facebook postings, other folks ask me for a copy when they see me out and about.

As I did this, something unexpected happened.  Sometimes, I mail the books to cities outside of Orlando. Sometimes, I even mail out of the state and country.  When those folks receive my book, they photograph themselves holding it. Totally unexpected.

Here’s my photos of the other folks who bought my books. Enjoy!

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75 Pics of Hispanic Orlando Nightlife Women

What the hell, might as well do a Latina blog, something that’s long overdue. The following are pics I took mostly at Orlando’s The Beacham. Enjoy!

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Another Video of Orlando Nightclub Security Fighting

Last year, I posted a blog containing video footage of nightclub security beating a guy. This happened at Orlando’s The Beacham. Because of that blog, folks got fired.

For those that don’t know, Beacham fired me over a pic I uploaded on Facebook.

Well, guess what?  Recently, another person videotaped Beacham security hitting someone.

Orlando Beacham Security Punching a Dude

Let’s play the video.

I’ll be honest. I borrowed the video from a Facebook post. If the person wants credit, they can get in contact with me and I’ll give it to them.

On that same Facebook post, I saw these troubling comments.

Comment About Orlando Beacham Security

Comment About Orlando Beacham Security 2

Comment About Orlando Beacham Security 3

As for charging people to smoke, could this be why Beacham didn’t want me photographing “blunt-like” images?

Orlando's The Beacham-Hennessy, Money and Weed

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What Does Author Raymond Chandler and Rapper Too Short Have in Common?

One night, I watched a YouTube interview of Too Short, one of my all time favorite rappers.

Too Short on VLADTV

Most people know Too Short for his x-rated rhymes and the word “beee-itch”. He was saying “beee-itch” before other rappers started saying it.

The interview was on VLADTV, a hip hop channel I watch all the time.  Somewhere in the interview, Too Short talked about embracing cassettes.  I remember cassettes in the 1970’s.  Yet, they really didn’t  really take off until the 1980’s.

Too Short wanted the bass to boom in people’s cars. As most musicians still focused on vinyl, Too Short created his music for cassettes.   Embracing cassettes hugely benefited Too Short. From Born to Mack to You Nasty, Too Short’s albums either went gold or platinum.

Too Short’s embracing cassettes reminded me of late author Raymond Chandler.

Raymond Chandler 2

In his book Perennial Seller, Ryan Holiday talks about Chandler’s embracing paperback books. New to the publishing scene, many authors and publishers thought paperbacks would kill the book industry.

Yet, Chandler saw an opportunity.  In the beginning, as hardcovers, his first novels sold a few a thousand copies. As paperbacks, Chandler’s novels sold in the hundred thousands. In decades to come, they would sell in the millions. With books priced at twenty-five cents, Chandler reached an audience who probably couldn’t afford the hardcover versions of his novels.

Now, I see what Too Short and Raymond Chandler have in common. Both threw away traditional methods and gained success.  With Too Short, instead of vinyl, it was focusing on cassettes. With Raymond Chandler, instead of hardcover, it was embracing paperbacks.

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