Music Memorabilia Pics from Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach

Earlier this month, I rode with friends to Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, located on the shores of Daytona Beach, Florida.

There our friends Oak Hill Drifters played a good mixture of rockabilly, classic country, western swing, late 50s-early 60s R&B and jump blues. They performed this on a stage located outside behind the hotel.

Oak Hill Drifters at Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach

Nothing against live music. Yet, as usual during these events, I got antsy. So, I started walking around inside the hotel. That’s when I noticed the music memorabilia. Not only is it located in the lobby, music memorabilia is also located on each floor of the hotel.

I photographed some of the memorabilia. As I introduce pics, some of the words are from the plaques I saw located near the pieces.

Sheryl Crow’s Velvet Pants: “For more than 25 years, Sheryl Crow has been at the vanguard of the contemporary roots music scene and enjoyed a career that’s both commercially successful and critically acclaimed. These stylish velvet pants were part of her stage wardrobe”

Racing Outfits Worn by Matthew and Gunner Nelson: “As the sons of rock legend Rick Nelson, Matthew and Gunner Nelson had big shoes to fill when they embarked on a music career in the early ’90s. They scored big with the #1 hit, “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” in 1990 and became mainstays on both the radio and MTV. The boys wore the racing suits when they participated in a charity in Nashville on October 8, 1997.

Matthew actually won the race!”

Racing Outfit Worn by Stephen Pearcy of Ratt: “With hits like “Round and Round”, “Lay It Down” and “Wanted Man”, Los Angles-based group Ratt were among the most successful acts of the ’80s. Frontman Stephen Pearcy owned and wore this racing outfit.”

Pro-Keds Sneakers Signed by Joan Jett: From her time with the Runaways in the ’70s to her wildly successful solo career, Joan Jett has been one of the most influential women in rock. She signed these classic high-top sneakers.”

Fringed Jacket Worn by Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones: “Though he came to fame in the late ’60s with The Jeff Beck Group and Faces, guitarist Ron Wood joined the Rolling Stones in 1975 and has been with them ever since. He wore this fringed jacket to his 50th birthday party in 1975.”

An Eddie Van Halen (from the group Van Halen) Guitar: “Few guitarists in history has had the impact of Eddie Van Halen. His incendiary style and effortless virtuosity changed the landscape of rock guitar. This instrument is from Eddie’s personal collection. It’s a prototype built by Wayne Charvel.”

Harley Davidson Hat Signed by Madonna: “This classic Harley Davidson hat was owned and signed by the one and only Madonna.”

Outfit Worn by Rihanna: “International pop superstar Rihanna wore this Adam Selman-designed outfit on stage during her epic ‘Diamonds’ world tour in 2013.”

Bikini Worn by Taylor Swift: “Though she began her career as a teenage country star, Taylor Swift quickly asserted herself as one of the dominant pop stars of the 21st century. She wore this bikini while celebrating 4th of July holiday in 2015.”

So, there you have it, a sample of the music memorabilia at Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach.

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My Housing Crisis Fixed!

Not my house!

My last blog involved me having to leave my rented spot in five days.  Since then, I have successfully relocated.  A friend is allowing me to sleep in a spare room until I get back on my feet. Another friend had offered me their home also.  Shout outs to that person!  Another shout out to a friend who helped me in another particular way!

Before I moved out, I sparked a conversation with the landlord/roommate, something that gained me more days in the spot. Yet, instead of milking those days, I moved out on Day 6.   Remember, I was supposed to move out on Day 5.  On Day 6, my house host picked me up and I packed my stuff in their car.

I won’t say where I’m currently living, at least not right now.  When Facebook friends start seeing my posts, they’ll figure it out. 

The lesson I learned from this? Don’t suffer in silence. Even if you don’t have the answers, at least let friends know your current situation.  Some may help you. Some may send you positive vibes, prayers, etc.  

Others show their true colors, which is a good thing. In the past, when their ass was in a sling, they wanted you to damned near kill yourself for them. Now, when you yourself need help, they either half-ass help you or won’t help you at all. But they sure do know how to give you unsolicited advice and criticize you. Now, I have the reason to separate myself from these folks and tell them what black sexual organ they can suck.

Because they have their own problems, I do realize folks can do only so much. If they could have helped me, they would’ve. Those people I have no problems with. It’s the selfish types who can suck my black sexual organ.

When I posted my last blog, I really wasn’t expecting anything. I just wanted to vent.

Still, I am thankful for the help I have received in the past few days.

Pic by n. r. nelson.

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Five Days to Move Out!

No, this ain’t my house!

Boy, did I wind up in the shithole. Some of it is my own damned fault. So, here it goes.

I move to Orlando’s College Park. I found me a room for six hundred bucks a month, utilities included.

Yet, before that, I was living in a friend’s spot for three nights. One night was spent on their sofa. The last two nights was spent sleeping on an air mattress on their floor.

How did this happen? I was evicted from my late mother’s foreclosed home.

So, I found a spot in College Park. I had the money. Yet, that money eventually ran out. During that time, I had been searching for jobs. Nothing. Not a damned thing turned up.

Housemates may have had the impression that I was sleeping all day and not job searching.  I can see that.  Still, most places I found wanted you to fill out applications online.  So, my “pounding the pavement” happened in my room and on my laptop.

As for me not finding a job, my past might have something to do with it. I’ve been fired three times from jobs.  Also, there’s a huge gap between my last employment and my current unemployment.  I blame myself for that. All those years working under the table has caught up with me. Also, in two of those cases of me being fired I was asking for it.

Also, I had been living a lie. Folks thought I was making my living as a photographer.  I even had my landlord/roommate thinking this too.  Actually, I was living off money my late mother left me, money I didn’t want to spend up.

Then, just when I had an employment tip, my car broke down…for good.  If I tried fixing that thing, I’d soon have another car problem on my hands.

So, eventually, my money ran out. So, what does this means? This means not being able to pay the rent for the last three months. This means either choosing between buying food or buying medication. This means trying to gain money to keep your phone on.  This also means a Facebook message saying I have five days to move out.

Even if I did have the money for rent, looks like I still might have to move out.  I now have to present a pay stub. This has something to do with the landlord/roommate and the mortgage company.

For real, I didn’t like the idea of other folks paying rent when  I wasn’t. I didn’t like seeing them going to work as I was staying home. I tried making things work. Yet, I couldn’t find a solution. Again, my job searches happened online.

As much as I talk about my bad situations, I still have to own up to my own contributions. Like I said earlier, I had been fired three times over the years. Once in 1991. Another in 2008. The last was in 2017. Yet, that was a contractor thing. So, that might not count.

I usually keep my problems to myself. Folks have their own shit to deal with.  Then when folks do ask me how things are, I usually lie and say they’re going well. I don’t like depressing people.

Let’s see. Unemployed. No meds. No car. Also, I got five days to move.

I’m not expecting people to take on my bad luck. I’m just writing this to vent.  Usually, I find ways to fix problems like this. Best thing to do now is keep my head up.

Pic by Darla Brown.

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American Booty Book Covers in London

Last week, my buddy Joe Romain Facebook-messaged me some pics. I live in Orlando, Florida. Joe lives in London, England.

Recently, Joe walked around London with my two books The Butt Freak Blues and Three Orlando Nightspots. The Butt Freak Blues is a book of poetry about politics, drinking and booty. Three Orlando Nightspots contains both photos of partying nightlife women and poetry. Nightspots’ poetry deals with drinking, my mom’s death and booty. Out of the two, Three Orlando Nightspots was the most successful.

As Joe traveled around London, he took selfies of himself with my books.

First, there was this shot of Westminster Abbey. Good lord, my booty pics in front of a church! Somebody is going to hell!

Next, it’s Parliament. Maybe, I should’ve included a nasty poem badmouthing Brexit.

Last, it’s Buckingham Palace, the residence of the British Monarchy. Will God save The Queen from my booty pics?

So, there you have it. Instead of the werewolf, you now have American Booty Book Covers in London.

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110 Pics of Folks Who Bought My Orlando Photo and Poetry Book

About two years ago, I created my photo and poetry book Three Orlando Nightspots. (The book and Kindle version are available on Amazon.)

For six months, I photographed Orlando nightspots 64 North, The Patio and Aero. During this time, I always uploaded the women pics on Facebook. Folks, especially the dudes, enjoyed the pics. The enjoyment handed me one of the reasons to create Three Orlando Nightspots.

At first, the book was just going to contain photos. Yet, my friend Joe Romain suggested I add poetry dealing with my personal struggles during the time I was photographing the pics. One incident involved my mom’s death. Another involved an alcoholic blackout. Then, there was a week-long stay in the hospital due to coughing fits. Last but not least, I was dealing with the aftermath of a broken romance.

Three Orlando Nightspots was reviewed three times. Website Bungalower said my pics ” manage to capture a quasi-disconcerting side of Downtown Orlando nightlife that is often overlooked”. The Inner Circle said , “ His poetry and spoken word pieces are raw,rugged,sublime and above all else,they are HONEST.” About me combining poetry and photos, Central Florida Post said, “Barnes has seamlessly merged his two favorite mediums.”

During the two years, I would photograph folks who bought my books. Then, I would upload the those pics to Facebook. Because Facebook friends saw other people with my book, they would ask to purchase their own copy. Truth be known, I am surprised folks are still buying Three Orlando Nightspots.

Previously, I wrote a blog about gaining sixty-two photos of people who bought my book. After that blog, I decided to reach the goal of one hundred photos. Last weekend, I gained one hundred and ten photos of people who bought Three Orlando Nightspots.

Most pics are photos I took myself. Some are selfies the buyers created, which surprised my ass. Those pics are of the folks who I mailed the books to.

Anyway, enjoy!

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My Third Studio Photo Shoot: A Leather Version

Recently, I photographed Mister Pierre Fetish Fashion. Actually, I was more behind the scenes as the main photographer did the work. Still, in between shoots, the two models would allow me to photograph them.

This time around for the blog, I decided to get creative using my photo software. Besides, I already turned in the non-creative pics.


Model One

Model Two: She had to leave early. This is why she has fewer pics than the first model.

Duo Shots

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My Second Studio Photo Shoot

Earlier this month, I did a second studio photo shoot for Mister Pierre Fetish Fashion.

The first one happened last January.

Again, just like last time, I was actually the behind-the-scenes-photographer. This is why you won’t see most of the models looking directly at me. They’re looking at the main photo person.

This month was a roller derby theme.


First Model:

Second Model:

Third Model:

Fourth Model:

Duo and Group Shots:

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